Arvydas Urniežius
+370 685 05 180 Vilnius, Lithuania

I am Vilnius based painter. In 1983 I graduated from the Vilnius Art Academy, where I studied architecture. I moved into painting as I started teaching the basics of art at Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre. Over time, this took over as my main passion. Architectural backgrounds put a lot of impact into my works. Primarily I became known for my soft pastels of my beloved city Vilnius. Later on I started paint abstracts in different techniques like oil and acrylic, which helped to unfold big geometric compositions on large canvas. Those techniques, compositions and artful expressions became and still are my favourite. I believe that painting plays an important role in interior, canvas could be a powerful tool that helps to create sensory experience, both helps to complete the interior as a decorative element.

I hope you enjoy this selection of my work.